Sabinas Cosmetics



Introducing the revitalizing power of Sabinas Cosmetics Olive Miracle Formula—a blend enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to bestow upon you the luxury of silky-smooth, deeply conditioned hair and a moisture-rich, healthy scalp. Regular use of our formula is your key to reducing breakage, eliminating split ends, and banishing dryness, letting your hair shine with vitality.

SIZE: 355ML /12.4OZ

Key Features:

  1. Enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Immerse your hair and scalp in the nourishing embrace of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an unparalleled experience of deep conditioning and moisture.

  2. Breakage Reduction: The Olive Miracle Formula works wonders by dramatically reducing breakage, preventing split ends, and combating dryness, providing your hair with the care it deserves.

  3. Multi-Purpose Spray: This versatile spray is designed for regular use to relieve dry, itchy, and flaky scalp conditions associated with both natural and synthetic hairstyles.

Directions for Use:

  • Spray regularly to help relieve dry, itchy, flaky scalp associated with natural or synthetic hairstyles.

Choose Sabinas Cosmetics Olive Miracle Formula for a holistic hair care experience, and let your hair and scalp thrive in the lap of luxury.