Sabinas Cosmetics



SIZE: 237ML / 8OZ

Discover the transformative effects of Sabinas Cosmetics Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer – a versatile formula that can be applied to wet or dry hair without rinsing. This one-step solution seamlessly combines the strengthening properties of keratin protein with the antioxidant benefits of green tea.

Key Features:

  • Strength and Antioxidant Blend: The formula blends keratin protein for strength and green tea for antioxidant benefits.

  • Breakage Reduction: Helps reduce breakage and split ends, promoting healthier hair.

  • Body and Volume: Adds body to limp and lifeless hair, providing a voluminous and revitalized look.

  • Bonding with Natural Heat: Active ingredients bond into the hair shaft with natural body heat or heat from styling tools.

  • Ideal for Relaxed or Permed Hair: Especially recommended for at-home care of relaxed or permed hair, it can be used between shampoos during touch-up styling.

  • Color Protection: This restructurizer also works to protect hair color, preserving its vibrancy.

Incorporate Sabinas Cosmetics Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer into your hair care routine for strengthened, revitalized, and color-protected hair, whether it's relaxed, permed, or simply in need of a boost.