Sabinas Cosmetics



SIZE: 473ML / 16OZ

Experience the unparalleled benefits of Sabinas Cosmetics Two-Step Protein Treatment – a unique formulation featuring magnesium and modified proteins that fuse into the hair with the application of heat. This salon service product is unlike any available for at-home use.

Key Features:

  • Breakage Reduction: Witness a drastic reduction in breakage as the treatment works its magic.

  • Salon-Grade Results: Designed as a salon service product, it delivers professional-grade results at home.

  • Hardening Process: During the treatment, ApHogee hardens into the hair, providing dramatic evidence that something special is occurring.

  • Hooded Dryer Recommended: For optimal results, a hooded dryer is recommended during the treatment process.

  • Astounding Results: After rinsing and moisturizing with ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer, clients are astounded by the transformative results.

  • Versatile Improvement: ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment can help improve other salon services.

  • Recommended for Weak or Fine Hair: This remedial process is highly recommended for hair that is too weak or fine to take a perm or relaxer.

Elevate your hair care routine with Sabinas Cosmetics Two-Step Protein Treatment, designed to strengthen and revitalize your hair, providing professional-grade results in the comfort of your own home.