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SIZE: 425G / 14.9OZ

Clippercide Spray, brought to you by the makers of Barbicide, offers a comprehensive 5-in-1 action to ensure the optimal care of your clippers or trimmers. Within just 10 minutes of application, it performs the following functions:

  1. Disinfects:

    • Clippercide effectively kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including HIV-1 and TB, providing a thorough disinfection.
  2. Lubricates Blades:

    • By spraying your blades with Clippercide, a thin film of lubricant is left behind, reducing friction and aiding in the maintenance of sharp blades.
  3. Cleans:

    • The aerosol spray effectively blows away hair, dust, and debris from between the teeth of your clippers, ensuring a clean and efficient cutting performance.
  4. Cools:

    • The coolant within the aerosol provides instant cooling to your blades upon contact, enhancing the comfort of use.
  5. Prevents Rust:

    • Clippercide's anti-rust formula acts as a protective shield for your clipper blades, prolonging the life of your clippers or trimmers.

Elevate your clipper maintenance routine with the multifunctional benefits of Clippercide Spray, ensuring the hygiene, performance, and longevity of your grooming tools.