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SIZE: 250ML / 8OZ

Dark and Lovely Total Repair 5 Oil Moisturiser with African Shea Butter is a hair care product designed to address the common problems of African hair, providing visible repair and promoting overall hair health. Formulated with a blend of nourishing oils and African Shea Butter, this moisturiser is intended to restore dull hair and impart softness and strength. Here are the key features and usage directions for Dark and Lovely Total Repair 5 Oil Moisturiser:

Key Features:

  1. 5-in-1 Repair: The moisturiser is designed to combat the 5 common problems of African hair. These may include issues such as dryness, brittleness, split ends, dullness, and lack of manageability.

  2. African Shea Butter: Enriched with African Shea Butter, known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, the formula helps to soften and hydrate the hair.

  3. Nourishing Oils: The inclusion of nourishing oils contributes to the overall health and vitality of the hair. These oils work to condition, repair, and add a natural shine to dull hair.

  4. Visible Repair: Dark and Lovely Total Repair 5 Oil Moisturiser is formulated for visible repair, aiming to improve the texture and appearance of the hair.

  5. Soft and Strong Hair: The moisturiser not only provides moisture but also helps make the hair soft and strong. It contributes to improved manageability and combats dryness.

Usage Directions:

  1. Dispense Product: Pour a small amount of Dark and Lovely Total Repair 5 Oil Moisturiser into your hand.

  2. Apply to Hair: Apply the moisturiser evenly to your hair, focusing on areas that may require additional attention.

  3. Massage Gently: Gently massage the product into your hair, ensuring that it is distributed from roots to tips.

  4. Style as Desired: Style your hair as desired after applying the moisturiser.

Incorporate Dark and Lovely Total Repair 5 Oil Moisturiser into your hair care routine for visible repair and enhanced softness and strength. Regular use of this product can contribute to the overall health and beauty of African hair.