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SIZE: 99G / 3.5OZ

Imperial Dax Neat Waves Hair Dress is a premium hair styling product designed to offer a medium hold and maximum shine for a polished appearance. Infused with 100% Lanolin, Neat Waves not only provides styling benefits but also moisturizes and softens the hair. The inclusion of conditioners ensures a brilliant shine without leaving a super-greasy residue. Here are the key features and directions for using Imperial Dax Neat Waves Hair Dress:

Key Features:

  1. Medium Hold: Imperial Dax Neat Waves offers a medium hold, making it suitable for various hairstyles and lengths.

  2. Maximum Shine: The product is formulated to provide maximum shine, enhancing the overall appearance of the hair with a lustrous finish.

  3. Infused with 100% Lanolin: Enriched with 100% Lanolin, Neat Waves not only styles the hair but also moisturizes and softens, promoting healthy-looking locks.

  4. Added Conditioners: The inclusion of conditioners contributes to achieving a brilliant shine without the undesirable super-greasy feel.

Directions for Use:

  1. Take Desired Amount: Start by taking the desired amount of Imperial Dax Neat Waves Hair Dress. The amount used can be adjusted based on the thickness, length, and styling preferences.

  2. Rub Between Palms: Rub the product between your palms until it is even and ready for application.

  3. Apply to Hair: Apply the product to clean, damp, or dry hair, distributing it evenly for comprehensive coverage.

  4. Style as Desired: Style your hair as desired using your preferred techniques. Imperial Dax Neat Waves provides a medium hold for versatile styling options.

Note: Imperial Dax Neat Waves is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a medium hold with maximum shine. The infusion of Lanolin and added conditioners contribute to both styling and hair care benefits.

Disclaimer: Individual results with Imperial Dax Neat Waves may vary based on hair types, lengths, and styling preferences. It is recommended to start with a small amount and adjust according to your styling needs.