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SIZE: 113G / 4OZ

Unlock the secret to longer, stronger, and more vibrant hair with the Doo Gro Hair Vitalizer Mega Long. Specially crafted to nourish and revitalize, this powerful hair vitalizer is your go-to solution for achieving the luscious locks you've always dreamed of.

Key Features:

  1. Mega Long Formula: Our unique blend is formulated to specifically target and promote the growth of longer hair, helping you achieve the length you desire.

  2. Intensive Nourishment: Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, this vitalizer deeply nourishes the scalp and hair follicles, fostering a healthier environment for optimal growth.

  3. 113g Size: Compact yet mighty, the 113g size is perfect for daily use and convenient for on-the-go care.

  4. Strength and Resilience: Say goodbye to breakage and split ends. The Mega Long Hair Vitalizer strengthens strands, leaving your hair more resilient and less prone to damage.


  • Supports and promotes longer hair growth.
  • Intensive nourishment for a healthier scalp.
  • Strengthens hair to reduce breakage.
  • Convenient size for daily use and travel.

Transform your hair care routine with Doo Gro Hair Vitalizer Mega Long. Elevate your journey to longer, more luxurious hair – because your locks deserve the best.