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SIZE: 133ML / 4.5OZ

DOO GRO Anti Itch Growth Oil is a specialized hair care product designed to address itchy scalp concerns while promoting long, healthy, and growing hair. Here's a detailed overview of its features:

Key Features:

  1. Relieves Itchy Scalp: The Anti Itch Growth Oil is formulated to provide relief from an itchy scalp, helping to soothe discomfort associated with itching.

  2. Helps Stop Flaking: In addition to relieving itchiness, the oil is designed to help stop flaking, contributing to a healthier scalp environment.

  3. Nutrient-Rich Formula: The unique blend of ingredients includes tea tree oil, shea butter, vitamins A & E, and pure herbs. This nutrient-rich formula nourishes the hair follicles, providing the essential elements needed for strong and healthy hair growth.

  4. Strengthens and Repairs: The nourishing properties of the oil actively work to strengthen and repair the hair, addressing issues related to damage and promoting overall hair health.

  5. Safe for Children: DOO GRO Anti Itch Growth Oil is formulated to be safe for children, offering a gentle yet effective solution for itchy scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

  6. Suitable for All Hair Types: Whether your hair is color-treated, relaxed, or braided, the Anti Itch Growth Oil is suitable for all hair types, accommodating diverse hair care needs.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply the DOO GRO Anti Itch Growth Oil directly to damp or dry hair and scalp.
  • Gently massage the oil into the hair and scalp.
  • Do not rinse out; leave the oil in the hair.
  • Style as usual.
  • Use daily or as often as needed to address itchiness and promote healthy hair growth.

Incorporate DOO GRO Anti Itch Growth Oil into your hair care routine for a solution that not only relieves scalp itchiness but also supports long, healthy hair growth with a nutrient-rich and repairing formula.