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SIZE: 296ML / 10OZ

Doo Gro Growth Repair Conditioner is a specialized hair care product designed to promote strong, healthy, and growing hair. Here's a detailed overview:

Key Features:

  1. Promotes Strong, Healthy Hair Growth: The Growth Repair Conditioner is formulated to actively promote the growth of strong and healthy hair. It provides essential nutrients to the hair strands, contributing to an environment conducive to optimal growth.

  2. Detangles and Remoisturizes: This conditioner is effective in detangling hair, making it easier to manage. Additionally, it remoisturizes dry and brittle hair, restoring much-needed hydration.

  3. Adds Body to Afro Hair: Afro-textured hair often benefits from products that add body and volume. Doo Gro Growth Repair Conditioner addresses this need, enhancing the natural body and volume of afro hair.

  4. Stops Breakage and Eliminates Split Ends: The conditioner is designed to address common issues such as breakage and split ends. It works to strengthen the hair strands, reducing the likelihood of breakage, and helps eliminate split ends.

  5. Strengthens and Repairs Damaged Hair: Ideal for hair that has been damaged or subjected to abuse, the Growth Repair Conditioner provides a reparative effect. It strengthens and repairs the hair, restoring it to a healthier state.

  6. Restores Youthful Luster: Over time, hair can lose its youthful luster due to various factors. This conditioner aims to return the hair to its youthful shine, enhancing overall hair appearance.

Usage Instructions:

  • After shampooing, apply a generous amount of Doo Gro Growth Repair Conditioner to the hair.
  • Distribute the conditioner evenly from roots to ends.
  • Leave on for the recommended duration.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.

Incorporate Doo Gro Growth Repair Conditioner into your hair care routine for its detangling, moisturizing, and reparative benefits. Enjoy the promotion of strong, healthy hair growth and the restoration of your hair's natural vitality.