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SIZE: 113G / 4OZ

Dr. Miracle's Anti Breakage Strengthening Creme is a versatile hairdress that provides comprehensive care for both your hair and scalp. With a powerful formula designed to combat breakage and promote strength, this creme supports strong, healthy hair growth and maintains a nourished scalp. Here are the key features and instructions for use:

Key Features:

  1. Fabulous Hairdress: This creme serves as a fabulous hairdress, offering benefits for both the hair and scalp.

  2. Anti-Breakage Formula: The creme is formulated to prevent breakage and strengthen the hair, addressing common issues related to weak and fragile strands.

  3. Supports Strong Hair: Dr. Miracle's Anti Breakage Strengthening Creme supports strong and resilient hair growth, contributing to overall hair health.

  4. Thermaceutical Complex: The unique Thermaceutical complex in the formula penetrates the hair shaft, effectively ending breakage and imparting a lustrous shine to the hair.

  5. Feel It Formula: The creme includes the signature "Feel It" Formula, featuring a tingling sensation that works deep into the scalp. This sensation helps revive dormant hair follicles.

  6. Featherlight Moisturization: Despite its powerful effects, the creme is featherlight and moisturizes the hair and scalp without weighing it down.

  7. Conditions and Finishes: Dr. Miracle's Anti Breakage Strengthening Creme not only moisturizes but also conditions and provides a finishing touch to your hair and scalp.

How to Use:

  1. Application: Apply the creme to both your hair and scalp, ensuring thorough coverage.

  2. Anti-Breakage Support: Focus on areas prone to breakage or weakness to maximize the creme's anti-breakage benefits.

  3. Tingling Sensation: Experience the tingling sensation provided by the "Feel It" Formula, indicating its deep penetration into the scalp.

  4. Thermaceutical Action: Allow the Thermaceutical complex to work its magic by penetrating the hair shaft and preventing breakage.

  5. Moisturization: Benefit from the featherlight moisturization that conditions the hair and scalp.

  6. Leave-In Treatment: The creme is designed as a leave-in treatment, meaning it does not need to be rinsed out.

  7. Style as Desired: Style your hair as desired after applying the creme.

Incorporate Dr. Miracle's Anti Breakage Strengthening Creme into your hair care routine to fortify your strands, prevent breakage, and maintain a healthy scalp.