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SIZE: 473ML / 16OZ

Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel is a hair styling product that offers a range of benefits for the hair. Formulated with key ingredients like Black Castor Oil and Flaxseed Oil, this styling gel aims to nourish, repair, and promote hair growth. Here are the key features and usage directions for Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel:

Key Features:

  1. Nourishes Hair: The gel is designed to nourish the hair, providing essential nutrients that contribute to overall hair health.

  2. Repairs Hair: Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel contains ingredients known for their reparative properties, potentially aiding in the restoration of damaged hair.

  3. Promotes Hair Growth: With the inclusion of Black Castor Oil and Flaxseed Oil, the gel aims to support hair growth and strengthen the hair follicles.

  4. Wheat Protein: The addition of wheat protein in the formula helps strengthen and protect the hair.

  5. Weightless Formula: Like other styling gels from the Eco Style brand, this product is formulated to be weightless, providing superior hold without a heavy feel.

  6. Healthy Shine: The gel is designed to leave the hair with a healthy shine after styling.

  7. No Flake, No Tack, Anti-Itch: Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel is formulated to provide a smooth, non-flaky, and non-tacky finish. It also contains anti-itch properties.

  8. Enriched with Vitamin E, Fiber, and Omega-3: These additional nutrients contribute to the overall well-being of the hair.

Directions for Use:

  1. Part Hair: Part the hair as needed for styling.

  2. Apply to Scalp and Hair: Apply the styling gel to both the scalp and hair.

  3. Massage Gently: Gently massage the gel into the hair and scalp.

  4. Comb or Brush: Use a comb or brush to style the hair as desired.

  5. Excellent for All Styles: The gel is suitable for use in a variety of hairstyles.

Note: Individual hair types may react differently, and it's advisable to perform a patch test before regular use. Follow the provided instructions for optimal results.

Disclaimer: Styling products can have varied effects on different individuals. Consistent use and adherence to recommended guidelines are recommended for best outcomes.