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SIZE: 473ML / 16OZ

Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel is a firm-holding gel specifically designed for individuals with curly and wavy hair textures. This weightless gel aims to provide a gravity-defying hold for various styles while offering moisture to maintain healthy hair. Here are the key features and benefits of Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel:

Key Features:

  1. Firm Holding Gel: Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel is formulated to offer a firm hold, making it suitable for curly and wavy hair textures.

  2. Ideal for Curly Textures: Specifically designed for individuals with curly hair, the gel helps define the natural curl pattern.

  3. Weightless Formula: The gel is crafted to be weightless on the hair, preventing a heavy or greasy feel.

  4. Gravity-Defying Hold: Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel aims to provide a hold that defies gravity, keeping styles in place.

  5. Water-Based Formula: Being water-based, the gel offers moisture to the hair, contributing to overall hair health.

  6. Defines Curl Pattern: The product helps define and enhance the natural curl pattern, promoting well-defined curls.

  7. Moisturizes Hair: Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel provides moisture to the hair, aiding in maintaining healthy and hydrated strands.

  8. No Flake, No Tack, Anti-Itch: The formula is designed to leave no flakes or tackiness, and it includes anti-itch properties for a smooth finish.

Directions for Use:

  1. Apply to Hair: Dispense the desired amount of Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel onto the hair.

  2. Evenly Distribute: Work the gel through the hair, ensuring even distribution.

  3. Style as Desired: Use the gel to style the hair according to individual preferences.

Note: Due to variations in hair types, it is advisable to conduct a patch test before regular use. Following the provided instructions will contribute to optimal results.

Disclaimer: Personal experiences with styling products may differ. Consistent use and adherence to recommended guidelines are suggested for achieving the desired styling outcomes.