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High Time Bump Stopper-2 Double Strength Razor Bump Treatment 14.2GM


SIZE: 14.2GM / 0.5OZ

High Time Bump Stopper-2 introduces a clinically proven formula, designed to effectively combat razor bumps and ingrown hairs, providing users with smoother, bump-free skin. This Double Strength Razor Bump Treatment is specially formulated for individuals with sensitive skin prone to razor bumps. Each purchase includes a pack of five 0.5 oz bottles of Bump Stopper-2, ensuring users have a convenient and ample supply for consistent use.

Gentle yet powerful, this treatment is suitable for daily use and effectively tackles even the most stubborn razor bumps. It caters to all skin types and tones, providing a solution for a diverse range of users. With Bump Stopper-2, users can confidently flaunt smooth, bump-free skin, enjoying the freedom to shave or wax without worrying about post-hair removal irritations. Experience the confidence that comes with a reliable and effective solution for razor bumps.