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SIZE: 236ML/ 8OZ

Jojoba oil's benefits extend beyond hair care, making it an excellent choice for nail and skin treatments. Its moisturizing properties are particularly effective for alleviating dry, itchy scalp conditions and hydrating both the hair and scalp.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, jojoba oil provides essential nutrients that promote healthy hair growth and improve skin health. Additionally, its presence of vitamins A and C contributes to its nourishing effects on both hair and skin.

For hair, jojoba oil adds shine and gloss while moisturizing the scalp, helping to maintain healthy hair follicles and strands. On the skin, its omega-3 fatty acids contribute to overall skin health, while vitamins A and C support skin rejuvenation and hydration.

Trust in Sabinas Cosmetics for high-quality jojoba oil products that provide these multifaceted benefits for your hair and skin care routines.