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SIZE: 118ML/ 4OZ

Introducing Rasta Locks & Twist Cactus Oil, formulated with cactus extracted ingredients to eliminate dryness by moisturizing and conditioning brittle locs. Developed from ancient Jamaican recipes used by Rastafarians, these products combine nourishing natural ingredients to start and maintain healthy, well-groomed locs and twists.

Cactus Oil:
- Extracts & retains natural moisture
- Prevents breakage
- Lubricates & heals

Rasta Locks & Twist products are infused with cactus extracts, designed to retain moisture from the environment to soften and condition dry and damaged locs. Derived from the cactus plant, known for thriving in dry climates by extracting and retaining moisture, these ingredients moisturize, condition, and keep locs fresh, healthy, natural, and well-groomed.

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