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SIZE: 70G / 2.36OZ

Elevate your hairstyling game with Kaniz Wonder Edge Coconut Banana Hair Pomade Stick. This innovative pomade stick is designed to provide you with a strong, yet pliable hold while offering a soft and effortless application. Infused with the delightful aroma of coconut and banana, this pomade stick will leave your hair smelling as good as it looks.

Key Features:

  1. Strong, Pliable Hold: Whether you're aiming for sleek edges or textured styles, Kaniz Wonder Edge Hair Pomade Stick delivers a strong hold that keeps your hair in place throughout the day. Say goodbye to flyaways and hello to polished, well-defined edges.

  2. Soft Application: Unlike traditional pomades that can be stiff and difficult to apply, Kaniz Wonder Edge Hair Pomade Stick boasts a soft and creamy texture that glides effortlessly onto your hair. Experience smooth and seamless application with every use.

Directions for Use:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your hair is dry or slightly damp before application.

  2. Application: Twist up the pomade stick and apply directly to the areas of your hair where you desire hold and definition. For sleek edges, apply along your hairline, and for textured styles, apply to the desired sections of your hair.

  3. Styling: Use a brush or comb to style your hair as desired, ensuring that the pomade is evenly distributed for optimal hold and texture.

  4. Finishing Touches: Once you've achieved your desired style, you're all set to flaunt your flawless look. Enjoy long-lasting hold and effortless style with Kaniz Wonder Edge Coconut Banana Hair Pomade Stick.

Experience the Wonder of Kaniz Wonder Edge

Transform your hairstyling routine with Kaniz Wonder Edge Coconut Banana Hair Pomade Stick. Whether you're perfecting your edges or creating textured looks, this innovative pomade stick offers the perfect balance of hold, definition, and softness. Elevate your hairstyles to new heights and enjoy the wonder of Kaniz Wonder Edge.