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SIZE: 500ML / 17.5OZ

Experience the natural goodness of KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil, your versatile companion for health, beauty, and culinary needs. Sourced from the finest coconuts and cold-pressed to preserve its purity, this premium coconut oil is a must-have for every household.

Key Features:

  1. Pure and Natural: Our coconut oil is made from 100% pure coconuts, with no additives or preservatives, ensuring you get the highest quality oil for your health and beauty regimen.

  2. Cold-Pressed Excellence: Extracted using a gentle cold-pressing process, our coconut oil retains all the nutrients and beneficial properties of coconuts, including medium-chain fatty acids and antioxidants, for maximum health benefits.

  3. Versatile Uses: From cooking and baking to skincare and haircare, KTC Coconut Oil is incredibly versatile. Use it as a healthy cooking oil, moisturizer for skin and hair, makeup remover, or even as a natural massage oil.

  4. 500ml Size: The convenient 500ml size provides ample coconut oil for various uses, making it a pantry staple for health-conscious individuals and culinary enthusiasts alike.


  • Supports overall health and well-being.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair.
  • Adds a rich, tropical flavor to cooking and baking.
  • Multipurpose oil for various household uses.

Discover the endless possibilities of KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil and unlock the natural benefits of coconut for your health, beauty, and culinary adventures.