Sabinas Cosmetics



SIZE: 56G / 2OZ

Introducing Sabinas Cosmetics Jamaican Black Castor Oil Anti-Edge Control Gel, your ultimate solution for taming unruly edges and achieving sleek, polished hairstyles. Formulated with a powerful blend of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, and Argan Oil, our anti-breakage formula moisturizes, adds shine, and holds edges in place while conditioning and nourishing the hair. Perfect for controlling tapered cuts, edges, and the nape sides of both natural and relaxed hairstyles, our edge control gel helps you achieve a flawless look with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Infusion: Our edge control gel is enriched with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, known for its strengthening and moisturizing properties that promote healthier, shinier hair.
  2. Moisturizes and Adds Shine: Experience hydrated, shiny hair with our gel, which moisturizes and adds a glossy finish to your edges for a polished look.
  3. Anti-Breakage Formula: Designed to prevent breakage and damage, our edge control gel nourishes and strengthens edges, leaving them looking healthier and more resilient.
  4. Versatile Use: Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, our gel is perfect for controlling tapered cuts, edges, and nape sides, helping you achieve your desired hairstyle with precision and ease.


  1. Tames Unruly Edges: Sabinas Cosmetics Jamaican Black Castor Oil Anti-Edge Control Gel effectively tames unruly edges, providing long-lasting hold and control for sleek, polished hairstyles.
  2. Conditions and Nourishes: Infused with nourishing ingredients, our gel conditions and nourishes edges, leaving them looking shinier, healthier, and more vibrant.
  3. Prevents Breakage: By strengthening and moisturizing edges, our gel helps prevent breakage and damage, promoting healthier, more resilient hair.
  4. Perfect for All Hairstyles: Whether you're rocking a natural or relaxed hairstyle, our edge control gel is versatile enough to meet your styling needs, ensuring flawless results every time.