Sabinas Cosmetics



SIZE: 236ML / 8OZ

Discover the ultimate styling solution with Sabinas Cosmetics Lottabody Setting Lotion, perfect for wet setting, blow styling, or waving both natural and relaxed hair. Our fast-drying formula ensures quick styling without flaking, while bonding to hair to address porosity and seal split ends. Experience a firm yet manageable hold that allows for easy combing, giving your hair fabulous body and shine.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Styling: Sabinas Cosmetics Lottabody Setting Lotion is versatile for wet setting, blow styling, or waving natural and relaxed hair, providing flexibility for various styling techniques.
  2. Fast-Drying: Our setting lotion dries quickly, allowing for efficient styling without the worry of flaking or residue.
  3. Porosity Control: Bonds to hair to help overcome porosity and seal split ends, promoting healthier-looking hair with improved texture and appearance.
  4. Firm Hold, Easy Comb: Experience a firm hold that remains flexible for easy combing, ensuring your hairstyle stays in place while maintaining manageability.


  1. Quick and Efficient Styling: Achieve your desired hairstyle quickly and efficiently with our fast-drying setting lotion, perfect for busy lifestyles.
  2. Flake-Free Formula: Say goodbye to flaking and residue! Our setting lotion dries without leaving behind any flakes or buildup, ensuring a clean and polished finish.
  3. Improves Hair Health: By bonding to hair and addressing porosity, our setting lotion helps improve hair health, promoting stronger, more resilient strands.
  4. Adds Body and Shine: Enjoy hair that's full of body and shine with our setting lotion, enhancing your natural beauty and radiance with every style.