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SIZE: 150ML/ 5OZ

Dr. Paltas is a scalp treatment that moisturizes and invigorates the scalp, relieving dryness and restoring lubrication to the hair shaft. It contains tea extracts to stimulate hair growth.

1. Shake well before use and apply a generous amount to the scalp.
2. Ensure hair is clean before application.
3. Massage the treatment into the scalp and hair thoroughly.
4. For best results, leave the treatment in overnight. Use a head covering or towel to prevent staining of bed sheets.
5. Wash or wipe down your hair in the morning to reveal clean, smooth, and moisturized hair.

- Glycerin
- Lanolin Oil
- Paraffinum Liquidum
- Aqua (Purified Water)
- Methyl Salicylate
- Alcohol Denat
- Parfum
- Menthol
- Thea Sinensis (Tea Extracts)
- Pimenta Acris (Bay Oil)
- Eugenol

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