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Red One Cobra Aqua Hair Wax is a styling wax that gives you maximum control over your hair. The wax has a strong hold and gives a shiny end result. The wax has a long-lasting hold, but you can continue to restyle. Because the wax is water-soluble, it can easily be washed out or combed out.

Red One has a wide range of styling products for different hair types and finishes. With Red One's hair products, you can complete your look and style your hair the way you want! Wax, Gel, or Pomade Red One has it all. For every look and every style, there is a pomade, gel or wax! All Red One products are cruelty free.

Perfect formula for your hair to create long-lasting styles. Formula enriched with vitamins that it contains, allows you to maintain the desired shape for a long time. Your hair looks shiny and good looking. Oiliness and hardening does not occur on your hair. It can be easily removed by combing. How to use: Apply to dry or damp hair. In order to form in desired shape, apply it through your fingers to some part or all of the hair.