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SIZE: 473ML / 16OZ

Indulge in the lavish care of Rubee Rinju Hand and Body Lotion, expertly crafted to restore moisture and lavish your skin with luxurious comfort. Formulated with a rich, non-greasy blend of vitamin E and botanicals, this lotion instantly softens even the most parched skin, leaving behind a velvety-smooth sensation.

Key Features:

Deep Moisturization: Say goodbye to dry, uncomfortable skin. Rubee Rinju Hand and Body Lotion deeply hydrates, providing instant relief and restoring moisture for a supple, revitalized feel.

Rich, Non-Greasy Formula: The indulgent formula combines vitamin E and botanical extracts to nourish and soften the skin without leaving a greasy residue, ensuring a comfortable, silky-smooth finish.

Instant Soothing: Whether your skin is feeling tight and dry or in need of a quick pick-me-up, this lotion instantly soothes and replenishes, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Versatile Use: Perfect for both hands and body, this lotion is suitable for all-over hydration. Keep a bottle on hand at home, in the office, or in your bag for on-the-go comfort whenever you need it most.


Restores moisture and soothes dry, uncomfortable skin. Rich formula combines vitamin E and botanicals for instant hydration. Non-greasy texture leaves skin feeling silky-smooth. Versatile use for hands and body. Transform your skincare routine with Rubee Rinju Hand and Body Lotion. With its luxurious formula and instant soothing properties, it's the perfect choice for restoring moisture and comfort to your skin, anytime, anywhere.