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SIZE: 236ML / 8OZ


The Shine 'n Jam Supreme Foam Wrap Mousse is designed to provide a supreme hold while conditioning and defining the hair. Here's an overview of the features and steps for using the Shine 'n Jam Supreme Duo:

Key Features:

  1. Supreme Hold: The Shine 'n Jam Supreme Hold Gel provides the stiffest hold in the Shine 'n Jam range.
  2. Conditioning Ingredients: Packed with ingredients such as African extracts and olive oil that condition and moisturize the hair.
  3. No Greasy Feel: Known for its non-greasy hold, ensuring a defined style without a greasy residue.
  4. Alcohol-Free: The products are free of alcohol, parabens, and dyes.
  5. Silk Protein: The Shine 'n Jam Supreme Hold is fortified with Silk Protein to enhance the hold.

Steps for Use:

  1. Apply Shine 'n Jam Supreme Hold Gel:

    • Fortified with Silk Protein, this gel provides a stiff hold.
    • Use it to lay the style and add intense shine.
    • Apply the gel evenly through the hair.
  2. Set the Style with Shine 'n Jam Foam Wrap Mousse:

    • The Foam Wrap Mousse delivers a supreme silky firm hold.
    • It defines and conditions styles with provitamin B and a special blend of African extracts.
    • Use it to tame frizz and set the desired style.
  3. Result:

    • The combination of the Supreme Hold Gel and Foam Wrap Mousse helps reduce frizz, define kinks, coils, waves, and adds shine.
    • The products work together to achieve a long-lasting and well-defined hairstyle.

These products are suitable for those seeking a strong hold with conditioning benefits, and they are free from certain additives like alcohol and parabens.