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SIZE: 177ML / 6OZ

Black Earth Products Tight Hold is your solution for resistant and hard-to-hold locks and hair. Specifically designed for maintaining locks, twists, and natural hairstyles, this product is ideal for those with resistant, color-treated, or grey hair. With its unique formula, Tight Hold provides a strong hold without flaking, build-up, or the drying effects of alcohol. Plus, it defines your natural curl pattern, giving you the control and confidence to rock your signature style.

Key Features:

  1. Strong Hold: Tight Hold is formulated to provide a tight grip, ensuring that your locks and twists stay in place all day long, even for resistant and hard-to-hold hair.

  2. Suitable for Various Hair Types: Whether you have resistant, color-treated, or grey hair, Tight Hold is designed to meet your styling needs and maintain your desired hairstyle.

  3. Flake-Free and Build-Up-Free: Say goodbye to flaking and build-up! This product leaves your hair looking clean and well-defined without any unwanted residue.

  4. Alcohol-Free Formula: Tight Hold is alcohol-free, ensuring that your hair stays moisturized and healthy without the drying effects of alcohol.

  5. Defines Natural Curl Pattern: Enhance your natural curl pattern with Tight Hold, which helps define and accentuate your curls for a beautifully textured look.


  1. Long-Lasting Style: With its strong hold, Tight Hold keeps your locks, twists, and natural hairstyles looking neat and polished throughout the day, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.

  2. Versatile Use: Whether you're rocking locks, twists, or natural curls, Tight Hold is versatile enough to meet your styling needs, ensuring that your hairstyle stays in place no matter what.

  3. Hair Health: Formulated without alcohol, Tight Hold helps maintain the health and integrity of your hair, leaving it looking and feeling moisturized, nourished, and vibrant.

  4. Definition: Achieve defined and well-defined curls with Tight Hold, which enhances your natural curl pattern and gives your hair a beautifully textured appearance.