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Introducing the Wisdom 212 Smokers Extra Hard Toothbrush, designed to meet the unique oral care needs of smokers. Crafted with the highest quality nylon bristles, this toothbrush provides exceptional cleaning power to effectively remove stains and plaque, leaving your teeth feeling fresh and clean.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality Nylon Bristles: The toothbrush features superior nylon bristles that are carefully selected to ensure optimal performance. These bristles are ideal for tackling tough stains and plaque buildup, making it an excellent choice for smokers.

  2. Round-Ended Strands: Each bristle strand is rounded at the ends to prevent damage to teeth and gums during brushing. This design feature ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience, promoting oral health and hygiene.

Directions for Use:

  1. Wet the Wisdom 212 Smokers Extra Hard Toothbrush and apply a small amount of toothpaste.
  2. Gently brush teeth and gums in a circular motion, ensuring to reach all surfaces.
  3. Pay special attention to areas prone to staining and plaque buildup, such as along the gumline and between teeth.
  4. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water after brushing.
  5. For best results, use the toothbrush after every meal and before bedtime to maintain oral hygiene.

Upgrade your oral care routine with the Wisdom 212 Smokers Extra Hard Toothbrush. With its premium nylon bristles and round-ended design, this toothbrush provides superior cleaning performance while protecting your teeth and gums from damage. Say goodbye to stains and plaque and hello to a healthier, brighter smile.